We all know how amazing Southern Scottsdale is, and everyone is taking notice. Southern Scottsdale is increasingly being noticed as the up-and-coming place to live, build a business, and more.

Arizona’s Builders Exchange said recently, “The shadow of high-rise cranes and clusters of brightly colored party balloons at now-leasing complexes marks success for the McDowell Corridor’s long-planned rebirth. Even as the dust settles on one project, we won’t have long to wait before new plans emerge for the next big development, infill project or urban adaptation. The completion of another phase at Skysong is just one more shining moment in South Scottsdale’s continued renewal.”

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Similarly, the Arizona Republic recently highlighted a proposed project on the Northeast corner of McDowell and 64th Streets in this article.

Scottsdale Gateway Alliance is dedicated to hearing and considering the opinions and input of residents of Southern Scottsdale. SGA continues to work toward building a sense of place in Southern Scottsdale through the identity-building exercise, collecting residents opinions via our online survey. If you haven’t completed the survey yet, please do so by clicking the link below:

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By completing the survey, you then have the opportunity to be selected for the Focus Groups, which are going on now, as well as get a $5 Starbucks card, just for your participation in the survey.

  • The next SkySong?
    The next SkySong?