Jeff Berghoff HeadshotJeff recently renovated an empty car dealership building to house his company, a high-quality landscape design, maintenance and construction firm that caters to residential estates. He has shown that a little imagination and ingenuity can go a long way on McDowell Road.

The Berghoff Design Group focuses on creating environments. Whether it’s taking someone’s dreary landscape and making it come alive or designing an outdoor setting from scratch, Jeff’s company works closely with their high-end clients to develop elite environments.

Jeff’s group is highly creative, but also exceptionally methodical. They take a vision and convert it into a concept. They take site plans and translate them into master plans. And they take their client’s values and reflect them in the finished product that produces an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

These are the types of characteristics and criteria Jeff brings to the Scottsdale Gateway Alliance’s effort to reshape McDowell Road. He grasps the big picture about the McDowell Road Corridor. He also understands its history, respects its heritage and appreciates the area’s unique environmental character.



Margaret, one of the most well-known small business people in Scottsdale, owns and operates Dunn Transportation and Ollie the Trolley.

Before starting her own company 27 years ago, Margaret learned every aspect of the transportation business from the asphalt up. She got her start by driving Molly the Trolley, founded in 1978. Now she has a 35-vehicle fleet of coaches, buses — and, of course, a stable of famous trolleys seen on city streets.

Margaret has partnerships with the City of Scottsdale, the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, the spring training Cactus League and other private companies.

Besides knowing the transportation business from top to bottom, Margaret has also earned impressive academic credentials – including a degree from the Global Institute of Sustainability in Urban Dynamics with her capstone in Transit Oriented Development from Arizona State University and an MBA from the prestigious W.P. Carey School of Business.

In 2004, Margaret purchased and refurbished the dilapidated car wash property just north of McDowell Road on 74th Street where Dunn Transportation called home from 2005 to 2012.  The property is now leased to Goodwill of Central Arizona.

Margaret’s transportation expertise adds an important element in helping the Scottsdale Gateway Alliance achieve its mission to revitalize McDowell Road. She is keenly aware of the importance of recognizing that the McDowell Road Corridor is the gateway to the city connecting it to the neighboring communities of Phoenix, Tempe and the Salt River Indian Community.


Brian KrobBrian lives and works in Southern Scottsdale, representing a new generation of families who have chosen to live in this area because of its charm and character.

One of the things Brian likes most about residing in Southern Scottsdale is how its convenient location connects him with so many outdoor amenities and activities – including Papago Park, Indian Bend Wash and El Dorado Park. He also enjoys living in such close proximity to new coffee shops and restaurants that are springing up near his neighborhood.

As an architect at Aline Architecture, a full-service design firm located near Old Town, Brian brings a blend of creativity and practicality to the projects on which he works. And it’s those traits that influence the way he thinks about the revitalization of the McDowell Road Corridor.

Brian finds the potential of McDowell Road fascinating. Using his architectural eye, he sees an almost unlimited opportunity for what he calls “repurposing” some of the existing buildings – especially the vacant car dealerships. Where others see challenges, Brian believes several of the buildings can be converted into something intriguing by using creativity.

Brian provides the Scottsdale Gateway Alliance with a unique perspective about McDowell Road’s future and a commitment to preserving the heritage of the nearby neighborhoods he values.


Jodi and Yani Deros

Jodi and Yani Deros share a seat on the SGA board. Partners in business and in life, Yani and Jodi own and operate ATOMdesign headquartered at SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center.

ATOMdesign is a unique and diverse business operation.  The company is an internationally recognized, full-service product development and innovation firm that commercializes new products and break-through technologies for start-ups to global companies.

After attending several conferences at SkySong and experiencing first-hand the excitement and energy in the area, Jodi and Yani moved their business from Phoenix to SkySong.  The centralized location in Scottsdale, the continuous stream of traffic in the complex, and the continued growth of innovative and tech companies at SkySong have all proved beneficial. Since the move, their business has thrived, so much so that they have doubled their office space and quadrupled their staff.

The innovation exemplified in the work of ATOMdesign make Yani and Jodi an excellent addition to the SGA board to encourage the same kind of creative thinking for the McDowell Road Corridor.


Maggie Zehring is the founder of Pragmatically Speaking, a boutique social and digital consulting firm with a focus in growing nonprofits and small business through strategic partnerships, responsive email outreach, and a cohesive traditional communications plan. She works as Deputy Director for a local education nonprofit from 9-5 and occasionally freelances her social media skills for small, family-owned businesses.

Maggie thrives on building bridges between action and advocacy in job growth, entrepreneurship, and technology in Arizona. Before building Pragmatically Speaking, Maggie was one of the youngest Communication Directors for a U.S. Congressman. And before her time on the Hill, she dabbled in community editing at Raising Arizona Kids and digital marketing at a local startup in Scottsdale.

When she’s not helping small businesses and nonprofits understand the best digital strategy for their money or engaging their audiences in their best stories, you can find her wranging the kids in her growing family, hanging out with her husband, and playing with her opinionated Weimaraner in their South Scottsdale neighborhood.


Past Board Member, Resident of Southern Scottsdale

Dana Close HeadshotAfter almost 30 years of normal wear and tear, her neighborhood was starting to show its age. That’s when Dana and a group of her neighbors went to work. It was 2008 and the economic recession was starting to impact everyone’s standard of living. It was a time of austerity in which her neighbors, like so many others in Scottsdale, were attempting to avoid any extra expenditures.

But that didn’t deter Dana. She set out to prove that where there’s a will there’s a way.

It took two years, a lot of old-fashioned organizational effort, and a significant investment of sweat equity to receive the necessary votes from homeowners to assess themselves a total of $350,000 to revitalize their community.

Dana and her dedicated team succeeded in restoring Hacienda del Rey to the jewel it once was.