Being on the cutting-edge of technology, innovation and management is at the core of what we do at ATOMdesign.  We take pride in providing forward thinking and sustainable products for a global marketplace.  Fortunately, our company has found a partner in Scottsdale Gateway Alliance that shares these unique qualities at our corporate headquarters at ASU’s Skysong in Southern Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Gateway Alliance recognizes this potential and provides a private-sector approach to revitalize and reenergize the McDowell Road Corridor that will bring economic prosperity back to Southern Scottsdale.  McDowell Road is on the precipice of becoming a leading technology hub in the region and SGA will serve as a portal for all local businesses and residents to benefit from.

I encourage all local businesses in Southern Scottsdale to take action and join.  By bringing together local businesses around a common and united front, it will allow a platform for businesses to share concerns or recommendations they may have for the city concerning the McDowell Road corridor.