Hosting 25-30 vendors, the market features local growers, farmers and ranchers selling fresh herbs, certified organic greens, grass-fed beef, fish, and artisan bread.  Adding flavor to the market are vendors with specialty items from France, Tunisia, India, the Middle East and Mexico, making this farmer’s market a mouth-watering, multi-national and multicultural experience.

Unique to this farmer’s market are live musicians and monthly or twice-monthly food demonstrations where visitors can learn tips on cooking, preparing and preserving food. The market also hosts a small number of local artists and crafts.

The farmer’s market takes place every Wednesday from 3:30-6:30 pm under the sails at ASU SkySong.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this email with your friends, family and neighbors.GA is very pleased to help promote the SkySong Farmer’s Market!

Pop-up Gallery
Visions of Garden Life
Photo M7000
A Pop Up Gallery
An Exhibit of Select Cinematic Photographs
Friday, February 5th
4:30 pm – 7:30 pm
7000 E. McDowell Road (Northeast Corner)


Southern Scottsdale and its Mid-Century Modern vibe will shine Friday, and you are invited to immerse yourself in the mood. 

Like vogue-ish pop-up eateries, artists are embracing the pop-up gallery. A quick solution to highlight their works without a long term investment in space, pop-up galleries are here one minute, gone the next, and attract thousands with their temporary, exclusive, and special atmosphere.

Scottsdale Gateway Alliance Chairman, Jeffery Berghoff is one such artist. Drawing inspiration from classical precendents in architecture, garden design and pop culture for over twenty years. Jeff Berghoff has designed and built stylized landscapes for his clients private use throught the Southwestern United States. Classically trained as a landscape architect, Berghoff is currently the CEO and founder of Berghoff Design Group in Scottsdale. Through a team of artisans, Berghoff designs, handcrafts and cares for these award-winning estates.

In his first photography exhibit “Visions of Garden Life,” Berghoff collaborates with Wesley Johnson, a photographer and cinematographer, and acts as art director and producer. Through this exhibit, he creates a hyperrealistic view of individuals going about their daily lives. In a unique way, Berghoff integrates his characters against the grand backdrops of the very gardens that he designed and built for his clients. The series of images utilizes the panoramic and cinematic setting of these gardens while allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in Berghoff’s altered reality.

This Friday, February 5, 2016, Berghoff opens the exhibit to the public at what must be Southern Scottsdale’s first pop-up gallery. From 4:30 pm until 7:30 pm, and for one night only, the public is invited to view the exhibit at Photo M7000, located on the Northeast corner of 7000 E. McDowell Road.


Please RSVP for this no-cost screening to


use Eventbrite to reserve your ticket.